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in social and ethical accountability.

Board Members

Marcelle Holdaway

Marcelle's background is in project management in health and welfare, followed by a change of direction in the mid nineties when she undertook a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Adelaide. On completion of the degree she moved from Adelaide to Maleny, QLD, where, in 1999 she began driving Maleny Credit Union's 'triple bottom line' accounting process. Maleny Credit Union was the first Australian financial sector organisation accounting for its social and environmental performance as well as its financial results.

In 2002 she visited the UK where she researched current trends in social accounting, auditing and reporting in a variety of sectors. A number of working relationships with social accounting practitioners were strengthened as a result of the trip, and, in 2003 Marcelle organised Brisbane based workshops delivered by John Pearce from Community Business Scotland. Marcelle has also produced a number of published articles on the subject of social accounting.

She is currently focusing on the delivery of training programs in social accounting, auditing and reporting, plus auditing and verifying the social accounts of NGO's and community sector organisations.

Richard Parsons and Marcelle work cooperatively in bringing Brisbane 'up to speed' with other eastern states.